Best Super-Simple Sponge Cake Recipe

Best Super-Simple Sponge Cake Recipe.

I love this sponge cake recipe. It’s easy and you can make hundreds of different cakes with this base. This cake base takes on moisture really well from fruit, frostings, liqueurs and syrups. Once you have this recipe down (you’ll memorize it after a couple rounds), you’ll be baking things that look and taste like they are from a fancy bakery. This is not like American cakes and readers often question if it can really be that easy and only have 4 ingredients. I want you to discover this gem of a cake and succeed EVERY TIME you make it.

Tips for Success

1. When no streaks of flour remain in the dough, fold a few extra times to ensure you aren’t missing pockets of flour at the bottom.

2. Bake the cake layers right after folding in the flour – they should not sit too long.

3. Always use a conventional oven setting (not a convection/fan setting).

4. An electric hand mixer will take 2-4 minutes longer to beat the eggs.

5. Batter - How do you know you get the right consistency? Lift up your beater (whisk) from the batter. Make any figure; let’s say “O” using the batter that drip off the beater. Then count to 10 seconds. If the figure O still remains on top of the batter, then u have the right consistency. If the figure O sinks into the batter before 10 secs, then you need to beat it longer.” It means the batter is bit loose.

6. Bake in the center layer of the oven

7. Place cake in a fully pre-heated oven

8. Do not open the oven door to check on the cake until towards the end

9. Let the cake cool under room tempereaature.


6 large eggs room temperature

11/2 cup all-purpose flour 130 grams

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 cup granulated sugar 210 grams

½ cup butter (unsalted)


Prep: Preheat Oven to 350˚F. Line bottoms of two 9″ cake pans with parchment paper (do not grease the sides).

How to Make this Sponge Cake:

In the bowl beat 6 large eggs with an electric mixer for 1 minute on high speed. With the mixer on, gradually add 1 cup sugar and continue beating 8-10 minutes until thick and fluffy.

Whisk together 1 cup flour and 1/2 tsp baking powder then sift this mixture into fluffy egg mixture one third at a time. Fold with a spatula with each addition just until incorporated. Scrape spatula from the bottom to catch any pockets of flour and stop mixing when no streaks of flour remain. Do not over-mix or you will deflate the batter.

Divide evenly between prepared cake pans (it helps if you have a kitchen scale to weight the pans). Bake at 350˚F for 23-28 minutes (my oven took 25 min), or until top is golden brown. Remove from pan by sliding a thin spatula (here’s the one I love for cakes) around the edges then transfer to a wire rack and remove parchment backing. Cool cakes to room temperature then slice layers equally in half with a serrated knife.